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Australian Philanthropic Services Ltd (ACN 155 905 829) (APS) is an independent not-for-profit organisation that makes it easier for people to structure their giving and support the causes they care about.

We offer fulfilling ways for philanthropists to manage their charitable giving over time using tax-efficient structures called ancillary funds. With APS, you can establish your own private ancillary fund (PAF) or a named giving fund (also known as a sub-fund) in our public ancillary fund, the APS Foundation.

As part of the service offering, APS clients can access our support with their grantmaking. This support is always client-directed, which means we do not actively promote any specific charities to our clients.

To help us to match great charities to clients who ask for our suggestions, we maintain our own charity database. We populate this database with information we collect from charities including their banking details, purpose, goals, programs and beneficiaries. 

We may already have some of your charity's details on our database. If we do, we will email you a copy of that information for you to review and update where appropriate.

To check if we have your charity's details, please enter your organisation's ABN below. 

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