Giving Fund Establishment Form

Thank you for choosing the Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation. We look forward to helping you grow and give money to causes that you care about.

Establishing your giving fund is easy. Complete this online form which takes 7 - 10 minutes. When you submit the form, you will receive instructions on how to make your initial donation by bank transfer, BPAY or cheque.

Your giving fund will be established as soon as your donation has cleared the APS Foundation bank account. We will then be in touch with a formal welcome, your tax receipt, and everything that you need to get the most from your giving fund. 

If you have a question or need any assistance completing the form, we will be delighted to help. Contact us on 02 9779 6300 or email 

Please note that the form cannot be saved and should be completed in one sitting.

1. Name your giving fund

You can name your giving fund after an individual, family, or something unique or meaningful to you. 

One way in which we might use your giving fund name is when we pay a gift that you have recommended.  We will tell the charity that the gift was paid at the recommendation of and from your giving fund. It's how we link the charity to your giving fund. You can also request to be anonymous, in which case we won't disclose the name of your giving fund when paying a gift.

Please note that your giving fund name cannot contain the words 'Trustee' or 'Foundation'. The words 'Gift', 'Endowment' and 'Bequest' are all acceptable.

2. Investment portfolios

3. Initial Donation

An initial donation of at least $50,000 is required to establish your giving fund. You can top up your giving fund in future with additional donations of $1,000 and above.

Any person can donate into your giving fund. Donations are irrevocable and tax deductible.

The tax deduction can be claimed in full immediately or spread over five years. Please consult your tax adviser for specific advice. 

To establish your giving fund (minimum $50,000).

Provide the individual name, joint name or organisation that you would like to appear on the tax receipt

To whom would you like to send the receipt?

4. Giving fund holders

Giving fund holders can:

·         Access information about the giving fund's activity (including access to the online portal)

·         Recommend grants from the giving fund, and

·         Nominate additional giving fund holders and successors.

At least one giving fund holder must serve as a key contact. We will send correspondence arising from the giving fund's activities and the APS Foundation to the key contact(s).

Giving fund holder (key contact)

5. Professional Advisers

Making your adviser a key contact means that they will receive correspondence arising from your giving fund. It does not give them any authority to transact on your giving fund. If you would like to give your adviser authority to transact on your giving fund, you should nominate them to be a Giving Fund Holder in Section 3 above. 

Advisor details

6. Succession planning options

It is not mandatory to complete this part of the form to establish your giving fund. You can provide succession planning instructions after you have established your giving fund.

There are three succession planning options that apply in the event of the death or incapacity of all giving fund holders. You can select one option now, or provide succession planning instructions later and after speaking with us.

The options are:

  1. Recommend one or more successor(s) to serve as the giving fund holder(s).

  2. Recommend a grantmaking program so that the charitable giving from your giving fund continues beyond your lifetime*

    This arrangement allows your giving to continue as an annuity-style legacy into the future. If you select this option, we will contact you to discuss how you would like the trustee to manage the grantmaking program. This includes the minimum percentage to be distributed each year and which charities, or charitable purposes, that you would like the trustee to support from your giving fund.

  3. Recommend your giving fund be closed and the balance distributed to charity*

    Please specify which charity you recommend, and if more than one, the percentage of your giving fund balance that you would like each charity to receive.

* All recommendations of charitable recipients are subject to the approval of the trustee. The trustee can only approve grants to Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 entities.

Successor details

7. How did you learn about the APS Foundation?
Sharing this referral information is invaluable in helping us to fulfill our purpose of promoting philanthropy.

8. Acknowledgement

By submitting this form, I/We acknowledge:

·         I/We have read the brochure for the APS Foundation and accepts its terms.

·         I/We understand the APS Foundation trustee is bound by the provisions of the Foundation's Deed of Trust.

·         I/We understand that any donation to the APS Foundation is irrevocable and not refundable to me/us.

·         I/We will not receive any direct benefit from the charitable or community organisations recommended to receive grants from my/our giving fund.

·         I/We understand that the trustee ultimately decides which eligible organisations will benefit from each giving fund and is under no legal obligation to follow my/our recommendation.